Our kitten’s parents have all tested ​NEGATIVE for:

Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM) Per the Veterinary Cardiac Genetics Laboratory at the North Carolina State College of Veterinary Medicine.

 All kittens are de-wormed & have their current vaccinations.

Making Reservations:
Photos posted when kittens are born and frequently updated as they grow.
We start taking reservations when they are 4 weeks old. 

 $1200.00 Male or Female Poly or non-poly, Pet Only
Breeding Rights - Additional $2000.00 ​(Rarely Given)

We do not sell kittens overseas.

We will ship to any major airport for an additional for $450.00
We will also meet you at Memphis, TN International Airport or the Clinton National Airport in Little Rock, AR
for additional fee of $175.00

Making a Reservation Deposit
Deposits are $400.00 and are ​Non-refundable.

We do have a waiting list and will be glad to add your name. Please fill out the reservation form and indicate at the top this is a reservation and you want on the waiting list. once your name is on the list, we start calling and emailing about the birth anouncements to see if you are still interested. We allow 24 hours to get a response. If you are not intersted,  we move down the list. Thank you.
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